Team Florida Elite at the 2018 Junior National Championships

We have finalized our roster of Team Florida Elite and we will be sending a boy’s team and a girls’ team to compete for a national title for the state of Florida. We are excited to announce our Team Florida Elite rosters for the 2018 USA Junior National Championships in Spokane, WA.


For more information about the USA Junior National Championships click here


Ellie Fields, 48kg
Coach: Neil Kanterman
Club: Team Oly Concepts

Maryah Collins, 53kg
Coach: Tyler Peacock
Club: Team Full Circle Performance

Madeline Staniszewski, 53kg
Coach: Kris Brown
Club: PSI Weightlifting

Hilda Ortiz, 58kg
Coach: Tyrone Harvey
Club: Team Florida Orlando

Kayla Hamilton, 63kg
Coach: Luke Siefert
Club: Apesquad Weightlifting

Juliette Chang-Fane, 63kg
Coach: Brian Secrest
Club: Vero Beach Weightlifting

Kylani Secor, 75kg
Coach: Greg Cosentino
Club: Team Diesel Weightlifting

Skylar Matelau, 75kg
Coach: Tyler Peacock
Club: Team Full Circle Performance



Ben Lopez, 62kg
Coach: Matt Saeler
Club: RFS Barbell

Anthony Donato, 62kg
Coach: Andrew Mattox
Club: Team AMP Training

Tyler Nguyen, 69kg
Coach: Adrian Ngo
Club: Beastmode Barbell & Performance

Andrew Gray, 69kg
Coach: Greg Cosentino
Club: Deisel Weightlifting

Cameron Mitchener, 77kg
Coach: Andrew Mattox
Club: AMP Training

Nahum Guerrero, 77kg
Coach: Tyler Peacock
Club: Full Circle Performance

Josh Piasecki, 85kg
Coach: Cory Aun
Club: Team Florida Saint Cloud