2024 FWF Florida State Championship

May 3-5th Live Oak, Florida

Suwanee County Coliseum

1302 11th St SW, Live Oak, Fl 32604 Registration

How To Cange Weight Classes-BARS


Coaches must be in good standing with USAW and have an active USAW Level 1 Certification.  Coach credentials will be required for access to warm up area. 

Team Registration


Suggested Hotel*

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Live Oak
6694 US 129 North, Live Oak, FL, 32060, United States


*Florida Weightlifting WSO does not have an official hotel partner for this year’s state championship. 

This is the closest hotel to the competition venue, there is not discount currently available.

Preliminary Schedule

This is NOT the final schedule and is subject to change with possible shifts in time and roster based on athlete changes.

Deadline for all changes is Monday, April 29 by 5:00pm eastern time.

After this time no more changes are allowed. The final schedule will be announced after this time frame. 

2024 Preliminary Schedule



55kg 120kg
61kg 134kg
67kg 170kg
73kg 170kg
81kg 195kg
89kg 203kg
96kg 213kg
102kg 218kg
109kg 225kg
+109kg 225kg


45kg 85kg
49kg 85kg
55kg 94kg
59kg 100kg
64kg 110kg
71kg 120kg
76kg 125kg
81kg 125kg
87kg 130kg
+87kg 140kg



If on mobile device, please turn sideways to view 65-85+ age categories.

  M35 M40 M45 M50 M55 M60 M65 M70 M76 M80 M+85
55kg 115kg 110kg 110kg 105kg 89kg 82kg 71kg 60kg 52kg 44kg 32kg
61kg 129kg 129kg 121kg 114kg 96kg 88kg 76kg 65kg 57kg 48kg 35kg
67kg 152kg 144kg 131kg 123kg 104kg 96kg 83kg 71kg 61kg 51kg 39kg
73kg 152kg 144kg 131kg 123kg 104kg 96kg 83kg 71kg 61kg 51kg 39kg
81kg 163kg 153kg 140kg 131kg 111kg 102kg 88kg 76kg 65kg 55kg 41kg
89kg 172kg 162kg 147kg 138kg 117kg 107kg 93kg 80kg 68kg 57kg 44kg
96kg 180kg 169kg 154kg 144kg 122kg 112kg 97kg 83kg 72kg 60kg 46kg
102kg 189kg 176kg 161kg 151kg 128g 117kg 101kg 87kg 75kg 63kg 48kg
109kg 196kg 184kg 168kg 157kg 133kg 122kg 106kg 90kg 78kg 65kg 50kg
 +109kg  196kg 184kg 168kg 157kg 133kg 122kg 106kg 90kg 78kg 65kg 50kg



  W35 W40 W45 W50 W55 W60 W65 W70 W+75
45kg 72kg 65kg 62kg 58kg 44kg 40kg 37kg 33kg 28kg
49kg 72kg 65kg 62kg 58kg 44kg 40kg 37kg 33kg 28kg
55kg 78kg 71kg 67kg 63kg 48kg 44kg 40kg 36kg 31kg
59kg 84kg 76kg 72kg 68kg 52kg 48kg 43kg 38kg 33kg
64kg 88kg 80kg 77kg 72kg 55kg 50kg 45kg 40kg 35kg
71kg 93kg 85kg 79kg 76kg 58kg 53kg 48kg 43kg 37kg
76kg 98kg 89kg 84kg 79kg 61kg 56kg 50kg 45kg 38kg
81kg 98kg 89kg 84kg 79kg 61kg 56kg 50kg 45kg 38kg
 87kg 102kg 93kg 87kg 83kg 63kg 58kg 53kg 47kg 40kg
 +87kg 106kg 97kg 91kg 85kg 66kg 60kg 55kg 49kg 42kg 


We need your help!

FLORIDA! Please sign up to help as part of our event staff! We need loaders, referees, bouncers, and other misc helpers throughout the weekend!

Volunteer Sign Up  

Free admission for volunteers **on the final staff schedule** and free meal voucher for those who help with three (3) or more sessions over the weekend!



More info coming soon


Photo Packages 

Personal photo & video packages available for purchase.




View rules and regulations for our team division at the #24FWFSC


  1. Team rosters for the Florida State Championships will consist of same-sex teams of five (5).
  2. There will be separate categories and awards for Youth, Junior, Open, and Masters teams.
  3. Each team may have up to two (2) alternates on the roster.
  4. Athletes may not belong to multiple teams (within the same age group)
  5. Clubs may enter an unlimited amount of teams. Each team must be registered separately.
  6. Athletes must belong to club for at least one  month prior to Registration Deadline of the State Championships( **EXCEPTION: Athletes part of Team Florida Elite who are returning to their original clubs
  7. Teams must be registered and rosters must be submitted by the final verification date. (May 18th, 2022)


Individuals on teams will acquire points according to their ranking based on age division in their respective weight category:

    • 1st Place – 7 Points
    • 2nd Place – 5 Points
    • 3rd Place – 4 Points
    • 4th Place – 3 Points
    • 5th Place – 2 Points
  • 6th Place – 1 Points


Age Division Teams

For the first time, FWFSC will have multiple divisions for team entries.  


We will include separate team categories to crown the strongest Youth, Junior, Open, and Masters teams in the state.


Athletes will be able to compete on multiple team rosters if they want to compete in an older weight class (excluding masters division).  Master’s athletes will be able to compete in the Open team division, but seniors can not bump up to the master’s division.


For example, A 16-year-old youth athlete wants to compete for her clubs’ Youth and Junior team.  


A 30-year-old athlete senior cannot compete for a Junior team, and cannot compete for a master’s team.  



Get answers to FAQs about State Championships (Hotels, Registration, and more!)


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