2024 Florida Elite Selection Procedures


  • Team Florida Elite will have 3 national team rosters per year: Youth National Team, Junior National Team, and National Championship Team
  • Top 10 men and top 10 women will receive formal invitations from the FWF Board of Directors to participate as part of Team Florida Elite Youth/Junior/National Championship team.
    • Florida athletes will be ranked according to their percentage of Florida Elite eligibility totals.
  • Once an athlete accepts the FWF’s invitation, they must change their official club affiliation in BARS to Team Florida Elite no less than thirty (30) days before the upcoming national event.
  • Should an athlete decline, the FWF will move to the next highest-ranked individual in sequential order and distribute formal invitations until team rosters are filled.
    • Florida residents who achieve 90% of their respective eligibility total will be given priority. Should the scenario arise in which all Florida resident athletes at or above 90% of team eligibility totals have been notified and DECLINE, Team Florida Elite considerations will be extended to out-of-state lifters that belong to a Florida-based sanctioned club in order to submit complete team rosters. These lifters will also be subject to the same ranking system based on team eligibility totals.
  • Qualification Deadline – May 5, 2024
  • As of 2022 FWF has brought forth a new performance based incentive program.  Payouts are listed below.


  • Any USAW sanctioned event
  • Florida Weightlifting State Championships is the Final Qualifying Event.


Athletes must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Athlete (or parent/guardian) must complete the Team Florida Acceptance Form prior to the competition
  • Athlete must wear Team Florida Elite shirt during introductions
  • Athlete must compete in Team Florida Elite singlet unless current Team USA Pan-Am or World Team member.
  • Athlete must make designated weight/pass official weigh-in on the day of competition
  • Athlete must register themselves and compete at Youth, Junior, or Open Nationals Reflecting their formal team invitation) Any other such as U23 or U25 is optional
  • Athlete must be in good standing with FWF and USA Weightlifting
  • Athletes who accept invitation then later decline or withdraw will be subject to paying for apparel/outfitting.
  • Athletes who fail to make weight forfeit their right to a podium stipend even if they compete in a higher weight category (youth policy) and who still earn a medal.
  • Athletes who compete in a weight category that is not the same as their accepted formal invitation forfeit their right to a podium stipend even if they still earn a medal.

Failure to meet any or all of these requirements will result in:

  • Non-payment, reimbursement, and/or collection of funds included in athlete’s stipend amount
  • Ineligibility for future team selections
  • Athletes must submit their W-9 forms, provided by FWF, unless already on file with USAW, for stipend money.  Submissions must be sent within 30 days of the end of Nationals Week. Failure to submit for W-9 form for stipend may result in forfeit of stipend money.

Team members, coaches, and other parties associated with Team Florida Elite will be responsible for their own travel, entry fees, accommodations, and all other expenses associated with the nature of the competition.

*Requirements effective for teams selected after Feb 8, 2024


Athletes who accept Team Florida Elite’s invitation will receive:

  • Team Florida Elite Competition Singlet
  • Team Florida Elite Apparel
  • Recognition to athlete, coach(es), and club of record on team rosters and FWF social media outlets
  • Ability to participate in performance based incentive program.  Payouts will be made for medals earned in the weight category the athlete accepted during the invite process..

Total medals only.