Florida Elite Program and Team Florida Elite

The Florida Elite Program was designed to support our state's top athletes. Those who belong to the Florida LWC and who meet eligibility requirements will receive a formal invitation from the FWF to participate as part of Team Florida Elite at the Youth National Championships, Junior National Championships, and/or the National Championships.

Florida Elite Team Rosters

2018 Junior National Championships - Spokane, WA
Women's Team: 2nd Place Overall
Men's Team: 1st Place Overall

2017 National Championships - Chicago, IL
Women's Team: 1st Place Overall
Men's Team: 4th Place Overall

2017 Junior National Championships - Kansas City, MO
Women's Team: 1st Place Overall
Men's Team: 1st Place Overall

2017 Youth National Championships - Atlanta, GA
Girls' Team: 1st Place Overall
Boys' Team: 1st Place Overall

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