Florida Elite Program

The Florida Elite Program was designed to support our state’s top athletes. Those who belong to the Florida LWC and who meet eligibility requirements will receive a formal invitation from the FWF to participate as part of Team Florida Elite at the Youth National Championships, Junior National Championships, and/or the National Championships.



  • FWF will use official records to determine athlete ranking in the State of Florida (according to webpoint)
  • Team Florida Elite will have 3 national team rosters per year: Youth National Team, Junior National Team, and National Championship Team
  • Top 16 overall youth/junior/senior/masters men and women are considered across all weight categories according to upcoming national event
  • Top 8 men and top 8 women will receive formal invitations from the FWF Board of Directors to participate as part of Team Florida Elite Youth/Junior/National Championship team.
  • Once an athlete accepts the FWF’s invitation, they must change their official club affiliation in Webpoint to Team Florida Elite no less than thirty (30) days before the upcoming national event.
  • Should an athlete decline, the FWF will move down top rankings list in sequential order and distribute formal invitations until team rosters are filled.


Athletes who accept Team Florida Elite’s invitation will receive:

  • Team Florida Elite Nike Competition Singlet
  • Team Florida Elite Apparel
  • Stipend to contribute to competition expenses
  • Recognition to athlete, coach(es), and club of record on team rosters and FWF social media outlets

Team Florida Elite Rosters:

2017 National Championships – Chicago, IL
Women’s Team: 1st Place Overall
Men’s Team: 4th Place Overall

2017 Junior National Championships – Kansas City, MO
Women’s Team: 1st Place Overall
Men’s Team: 1st Place Overall


Who is eligible?
Any athlete registered to the Florida LWC and is qualified for an upcoming National Championship event. The FWF will pull official results from USA Weightlifting’s database (Webpoint) to determine the top ranked athletes in the state of Florida and send out formal invitations based on rank.

What are the primary qualification events for Team Florida Elite?
These events vary based on the yearly competition calendar, but can include events deemed as qualifiers such as FWF State Championships, National Competitions, and International Competitions.

How do I become part of Team Florida Elite?
The FWF will determine eligibility based on the qualification requirement set forth. Athletes will then receive a formal invitation letter from the FWF.

What do I receive as a member of Team Florida Elite?
For athletes that accept the FWF’s invitation, we will provide them with a Team Florida Elite Nike competition singlet, apparel, and stipend to contribute to travel and competition expenses.

Will I / my athlete be switching teams?
No. Athletes who accept the invitation will be asked to switch their club affiliation to Team Florida Elite at least 30 days prior to the competition in order to enter team divisions with a full roster and lift under the Team Florida banner. After the event, athletes will switch their affiliation back to their original club of record.

Will I / my athlete be switching coaches?
No. The coach(es) of record will remain the same and the athletes will be coached through every event by their original coach(es) of record. The FWF will always be available to offer any help, if needed, and will keep track of team standings during the event, but the FWF will not assume a coaching position.

If you have any other questions about the Florida Elite Program, please contact us below!