2020 Florida Record Updates

As of January 1, 2017, the Florida Weightlifting Federation has deemed that Florida state records in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk can no longer be broken at the local level. This means that those looking to break a state record must do so at National events, International events, or events hosted by the FWF which includes the Florida State Championships and the FWF Florida Cup.

This rule change is meant to ensure that all competition standards and requirements are being met when an athlete is attempting a new record.

The FWF will pay out a cash award for those who successfully break a state record, report the record, and apply for a payout.

Payouts as follows:

  • Youth Record: $20.00 per record*
  • Junior Record: $30.00 per record*
  • Senior Record: $80.00 per record*


*Multiple snatch and clean and jerk records may be paid out from a single event if performed in succession, though only one total record may be paid out per event.

**Payouts will not be made for meeting or breaking a “FLA Standard”