2021FWFSC Team Division Rules & Requirements


  1. Team rosters for the Florida State Championships will consist of same-sex teams of five (5).
  2. There will be seperate categories and awards for Youth, Junior, Open, and Masters teams.
  3. Each team may have up to two (2) alternates on the roster.
  4. Athletes may not belong to multiple teams (within the same age group)
  5. Clubs may enter an unlimited amount of teams. Each team must be registered separately.
  6. Athletes must belong to club for at least one  month prior to Registration Deadline of the State Championships( **EXCEPTION: Athletes part of Team Florida Elite who are returning to their original clubs
  7. Teams must be registered and rosters must be submitted by the final verification date. (May 19th, 2021)


Individuals on teams will acquire points according to their ranking based on age division in their respective weight category:

    • 1st Place – 7 Points
    • 2nd Place – 5 Points
    • 3rd Place – 4 Points
    • 4th Place – 3 Points
    • 5th Place – 2 Points
  • 6th Place – 1 Points

Age Division Teams

For the first time, FWFSC will have multiple divisions for team entries.  

We will include separate team categories to crown the strongest Youth, Junior, Open, and Masters teams in the state.

Athletes will be able to compete on multiple team rosters if they want to compete in an older weight class (excluding masters division).  Master’s athletes will be able to compete in the Open team division, but seniors can not bump up to the master’s division.

For example, A 16-year-old youth athlete wants to compete for her clubs’ Youth and Junior team.  

A 30-year-old athlete senior cannot compete for a Junior team, and cannot compete for a master’s team.