FWFSC Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions and answers about our Florida State Championships! As always, feel free to contact the FWF with any questions or concerns!

When will Registration be available

Registration will be available beginning July 27th and end 11:59 PM October 4th.

Do you have a schedule available?

A tentative schedule for the State Championships will be available after the close of registration.

Do I need to qualify for this event?

Yes, our Florida State Championships has qualifying totals set for each weight category that are available on our event page. The qualification period is July 22, 2019 to October 4, 2020.

There will be no refunds issued for this event unless the athlete registered and did not meet the qualification parameters.

Do I need to re-qualify for this event in a different weight category?

No, your existing qualifying total made during the qualification period, provided it meets the qualifying totals linked here, will be recognized. You may go up or down one category to register provided that your qualifying total does meet the minimum standard for that category.

When is the last day to make registration changes?

You can submit registration changes to floridaweightlifting@gmail.com until 4 PM Wed Oct. 21st.

Register for State Championships

Click below to register for the Florida State Championships!