FWFSC Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions and answers about our Florida State Championships! As always, feel free to contact the FWF with any questions or concerns!

Do you have a schedule available?

A tentative schedule for the State Championships will be available after the close of registration on October 15th.

Do I need to qualify for this event?

Yes, our Florida State Championships has qualifying totals set for each weight category which are available on our event page. Deadline for producing qualifying totals in a sanctioned local event is October 29th. There will be no refunds issued for this event unless the athlete registered and did not meet the qualification parameters.

Do I need to re-qualify for this event in a different weight category?

No, your existing qualifying total made during the qualification period, provided it meets the qualifying totals linked here, will be recognized. You may go up or down one category to register provided that your qualifying total does meet the minimum standard for that category. 

Deadline to change categories is MONDAY, OCTOBER 22nd

Qualifying totals were assigned to the bodyweight categories that the IWF published on 7/6/2018 based on the existing bodyweight category qualifying totals already published.

Will totals from an OLD weight category be honored?

Yes. In some cases, an old weight category will fall directly between two newly implemented weight categories. For example:

A previous 69KG Female category falls between the new 67KG and 71KG IWF categories. The qualifying totals are the same for both categories (170KG), so a total from a previous 69KG category will be honored for either 67KG or 71KG upon registration.

Nearby Hotel Accomodations:

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