Meet the Treasurer: Patrick Costello

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This week on the FWF board we are getting to know our treasurer!

  • Name: Patrick Costello
  • Position on the board: Treasurer
  • Home team: Keep Pulling
  • Location: Tampa, FL
  • How did you get into weightlifting: I was doing CrossFit at a local gym and attended a weekend Weightlifting seminar with Glenn Pendlay and have been doing it ever since.
  • How long have you been a part of the sport? Since 2009
  • What is your role on the FWF board? As Treasurer, I am tasked with budgeting, payments, and tracking all things financial.
  • What do you hope for the future of FWF? My hope is that the FWF grows into a widely recognized entity and brand. The more exposure we can gain as an organization, the farther our reach will be to ultimately grow and support the infrastructure of our sport.